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Privacy Policy

As our clients and patrons you share your personal details with us, it is your right and our privilege to protect that information. How is the user information protected at The Spares Company (referred to as “company” here on)? Read ahead…

Policy to protect the users

When the client registers with the company through its site, contact details and other specifications of the users are noted in the company server. This personal information is considered to be extremely vital for the company to be able to complete transactions with the clients.

When a user uses the company site, they agree to the Privacy Policy of the company. It is important to note that the policy might change and get updated from time to time. Though the changes are declared on the website page but it is the responsibility of the user to carefully examine the changes and acknowledge them. The use of site after the change has been made, means that the user is aware and agrees to the changes. Who am I sharing the data with?

Obviously, it is the most important and the very first question comes to the customer when they share data with the virtual world. The information is not shared with anyone except those that help in fulfilling the order like the Courier Company, Vendors and Credit Card processing company. The information is revealed to law authorities when necessary; for the purpose of fraud detection, promote safe services, and safety of the site and other users.

The company shares the data with other corporate entities only to detect if there is any fraud, prevent the identity of the clients, and avoid abuse of the service and to facilitate company branding.

Building user confidence in the company

The confidence of the users in the company is built by disclosing the manner in which it collects the information from the website, discloses and uses it in the Privacy Policy section. Be rest assured that the information is not sold, rented or distributed to anybody for any reason. The information of the users is protected by the company by following strict security guidelines so that the client information is not accessed by unauthorized organization. Also to protect the data from being lost, misused and altering of the information, a secure server is provided every time there is change in an account or even when it is accessed.

The information that the users give to the company is accessed by its limited number of employees on a need to know basis. It is used strictly to complete transactions and provide services. Personal information is purely used to provide services, products, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and measure the interest of the client and provide marketing information to them. There is an option to opt out of getting marketing updates from the company for those who do not want to see it or find them irrelevant. Although the demographic information is compiled from time to time, it does not have any identifiable personal data of the user associated with it. It is purely used for the purpose of improving the services and the products offered by the company.

Applications by the third party

The company includes third parties; for example - gadgets and extensions available through third party services. The information collected while buying the gadgets is protected by the privacy policy of the company that is selling the gadget to the user.


The offers and the services by the company are available for the users on other company sites. The information that the user shares with the other site, on ordering the service it is shared with the company for the delivery purpose only. The information is protected by the privacy policy of the primary company.

The company does not exercise any control over the links that other users port on the site and vice versa it does not control the privacy policy of the site where the service of the company is available.


Third-party advertising companies are used to cater ads on the site. These companies can use the client information only when the client clicks on the advertisements. This way they know about the client’s interest in the service and goods that they provide.

General information gathered at the site

Few section of the site can be browsed without registration but to be an active participant the client needs to set up an account. The following personal information is gathered to set up a free account:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Automobile details
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Country

The system also collects the IP address of the patrons to gather broad demographic information while the user visits the site. Though the IP address is not used to identify the user, it is used for administration purpose and diagnose a problem with the server. This information is used to tailor the experience of the clients with the site. Information like how many times is the site visited? How to customize the web page of the company as per the particular client’s requirements? What is the geographic location of the clients and deliver the web page accordingly are tapped through IP address.

The information of one client is not revealed to other clients, unauthorized person or any other organization.

Who has access to log-in information?

When users accesses the site, information is automatically recorded on the server. The server logs include information like web requests, interactions with a service, IP address, type of the browser and its language, date and time and cookies to identify an account. This information is accessed by the employees when a transaction is to be completed, with the sole intention of completing an order. The log-in passwords are secure and not available to any person operating the site.

What is transactional information?

The company records all the transactions of the clients that take place on the site, financial or otherwise. When a client makes a purchase, the behaviour is recorded as buying behaviour on the server of the company. Comments from the other users about the client is noted in the feedback area of the server. This information is at the backend and not available to any unauthorized persons or published on any public domain.

Options available to the clients
Updating the information

The clients can use the Edit Profile option to update or change their data anytime.

Opt out option

This option is available to those who don’t wish to continue with the company and opt out from newsletters and marketing related communication from the company and its partners.

What is the use of gathering client email IDs?

Generally, the email address is used for two-way communication. The company informs the clients about their order being confirmed or executed, while the clients can also raise queries to the customer service department through emails. Newsletters are sent on the mailing address from time to time, if the client opts for it. Client email addresses are kept confidential and revealed only to law authorities when required.

What if there is a complaint?

Although the company complies with its Privacy Policy at all times; when a formal complaint regarding a concern is received from the user, the company contacts the user directly depending upon the severity of the complaints, through the phone number or email address given by the user.