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Learning For Mechanics

Puncture Repair

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Original and Duplicate (Bike Spare Parts)

There are many duplicate motorcycle and scooter's spare parts in market in this video you can understand how to identify duplicate spare parts.

Motorcycle Repairing Tips

Solutions for motorcycle starting problem in a easy way. You can start your bike by on your own if bike is not starting.

How To Clean Spark Plug | The Best Way To Clean Spark Plug To Work Like New

Get more detailed information now!

Scooty Average & Pickup Problem (Solved)

By this method you can increase your scooty pickup & average if it is the problem

DIY Tips For Bike Maintenance And Servicing

All vehicles, be it big or small, need great care for long-lasting and smooth rides. Almost every motorcyclist is well aware of the value of regular motorcycle maintenance and servicing. Each machine has a lot of moving parts.

Carburetor Setting For Maximum Possible Mileage

For burning 1 litre of petrol your engine needs 14.7 litres of Air (at STP) This is known as stoichiometric Ratio.

General Servicing of a Two-Wheeler (Hindi)

In this video you will learn about the General Servicing

Carburetor vs Fuel Injector Hindi

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Carburetor Full clean

Learn more about the carburetor cleaning.