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Top 5 Effective Tips To Protect Your Motor Bike This Summer

Now, that summer is just around the corner. You’re probably all getting all excited to head back to the road. Before you dust off every inch of your bike parts, take time to read about the 5 effective tips to provide protection to your precious two-wheeler this summer!

Top Tips to Effectively Remove Rust From Motorcycles

Are you seeing some visible, disturbing rust from the chrome parts in your motorcycle? Just know that is completely normal. It can be possibly taken care of by practising proper care and by following some simple DIY (Do-It-Your Own) steps. However, if the rust has spread all over, then you might need some professional help to get it fixed.

Things To Do When Your Motorcycle Breaks Down While Riding

Whether you’re an expert or a new rider, breaking down in the middle of the road can happen at anyone and at any given time. If you enjoy performing some long bike-riding on weekends or during your free time

Top 4 Must-Have Modern Features For A Performance Motorcycle

Motorbikes have extremely transformed-- before, riders in India mainly use motorcycles as means for transportation. But at the present times, there are many options for bike parts that are available to enhance your riding performance.

How to Test & Check The Motorcycle Tyre Tread

Your bike’s pair of wheels is definitely one of the most important equipment. So, don’t take it lightly and make sure that you check them regularly. Paying attention to your bike tyres and make sure that they are always condition can save you a lot of resources in the future.

3 Ways Air-filters Can Help in Boosting Your Motorcycle’s Performance

Every rider dreams to ride a motorbike that is always in its best condition. In this article, get to know how air filters can help you achieve that.

Top 3 Tips on How to Make Your Motorcycle Clutch Last Longer

There are some basics that you can practice and follow to ensure the longevity of your motorcycle clutch. In this article, get to know the tips that will allow you to enhance and prolong the life of your clutch.

Lubricate The Chain And Sprocket Regularly

The drive-train that consists of the chain, the belt and the shaft send power from the transmission to the rear wheel. It takes a lot of beating from all sources and needs to be well maintained to ensure smooth riding.

Clean The Bike Regularly

Keeping it clean of dirt (and salt in winter) will not only make it look nice but will help with maintenance, too. It also makes it easier to notice missing or loose bolts and nuts.

Do A Semi-Annual Review

Check these items twice a year, or every 5,000 miles (whichever is sooner).

Maintain Your Bike's Battery

Do periodic maintenance to ensure a long and trouble-free battery life.

Check And Top Up Or Replace Engine Oil

It lubricates your gears and engines; not changing the engine oil will cause damage to the engine.

Check The Tire Condition Regularly

You should change the tires when you notice a change in the way the bike handles, as specified by local legislation, or at the very latest when the tread is worn down to the wear bars.

Motorcycle Safety Tip

Ride in a good mood Make sure you have had enough sleep and that you are in a good mood, free of any stress and just very happy about going on the road trip.

DIY Motorcycle Safety #WeeklyTip

Respect all traffic laws on the road Most of the accidents that occur on roads are the result of reckless driving and disregard of traffic rules.

DIY Motorcycle Safety #WeeklyTip

Protect Your Feet The right shoes are also important to riding safely. To shift gears on a bike, you lift up with your toes – so open-toed shoes can become painful fast.

Test Genuineness Of Bike Spare Parts

How to Test Genuineness Of motorbike Spare Parts? The performance of your motorbike certainly depends on the performance of various parts used in it.

DIY Motorcycle Safety #WeeklyTip

Always wear a helmet Pick a full-face helmet for the best protection.

Benefits Of Using Genuine Spare Parts For Your Motorbike

When any motorbike goes into repair, some two-wheeler parts may need to be replaced to keep your bike running in smooth condition. There could be any reason for the replacement like accidental damage or wear and tear.

DIY Motorcycle Safety #WeeklyTip

Ride Defensively (Stay Safe on Your Motorbike) Always ride with your headlights on; stay out of a driver's blind spot

DIY Motorcycle Safety #WeeklyTip

Maintain a good speed Speed limits exist for a reason, and all roads and routes have different ones. Make sure to remain within that limit to dodge dangers.

DIY Tips For Bike Maintenance And Servicing

All vehicles, be it big or small, need great care for long-lasting and smooth rides. Almost every motorcyclist is well aware of the value of regular motorcycle maintenance and servicing. Each machine has a lot of moving parts.

Buying A Used Motorbike- Important Considerations

In today’s highly competitive space, we all have a wide arena of brand new bikes. From the adventure bikes to latest missile, numerous ready to ride choices are out there in the market.

DIY Motorcycle Safety #WeeklyTip

Get Ready to Ride Before each ride, do a swift walk-around to make sure your horn, light and directional signals are working correctly.

DIY #WeeklyTip to Maintain #Bike

Check Spark plugs on routine basis Spark plugs are a key part of your motorcycle’s ignition system.

WeeklyTip to Maintain Your Motorcycle in Monsoon

Get Tyre pressure optimized Summer tyre pressures are always on the lower side since the heat expands the air.

WeeklyTip to Maintain Your Motorcycle in Monsoon

Invest in Proper Rain Gear Protection from rains is as important for the rider as for the bike.

WeeklyTip To Maintain Your Motorcycle In Monsoon

Clean your bike to remove the mud Once it dries up, the mud can cause a lot of problems on your bike.

WeeklyTip to Maintain Your Motorcycle in Monsoon

Look for covered parking spots When going out, parking in the open by the side of the road is something we hate the most.

WeeklyTip to Maintain Your Motorcycle in Monsoon

Clean the Air Filter The moisture-laden air during the monsoons might cause the air filter to hold a lot of water which will eventually lead to the filter tearing

Is Buying Motorbike Spare Parts Online Safe?

Well, though there are many facets to this question, if you keep certain points in mind, you can shop bike spare parts online with confidence. Ecommerce is blooming in an emerging market at a fast pace and certainly it is going to stay here.

#DIY #WeeklyTip to Maintain Your Motorcycle in Monsoon

Get a Teflon Coating

WeeklyTip to Maintain Your Motorcycle in Monsoon

Clean the #bike chain regularly Riding in the monsoons involves riding through a lot of mud which ends up as muck and grime on your bike chain.

“Find A Garage” In A Smart And Effective Way

Are you fed up getting up your two-wheeler fixed? Well, looking after your motorbike properly is crucial aspect to keeping it in a good shape. It is essential considering the safety aspect of bike owner as well as fellow road-users and pedestrians too.

Easy Ways To Maintain Your Motorbike In Good And Healthy Condition

There are manifold benefits to keeping your motorbike in well-maintained condition. Get to know about easy ways to maintain your bike in top shape.

WeeklyTip to Maintain Your Motorcycle in Monsoon

Apply an Anti-Rust Protection Layer Most of the bikes today are made of fiber bodies making them resistant to rusting,

DIY #WeeklyTip to Maintain #Bike

Check your #motorcycle’s lights, indicators and brakes before every ride

A Tip to Maintain Your #Motorcycle in Monsoon

Cover your #Bike properly If you have a covered parking,

3 Steps Guide To Buying Good Quality Spare Parts

How frequently have you purchased an item, and soon after you understand that it does not have some vital highlights or has some minor defects? These could have been effortlessly avoided had you been more educated?

DIY to Maintain Bike

Always keep both the brakes holding the tire properly spaced. Both in the case of brakes becoming too tight, and too loose is very dangerous.

4 Reasons Why Is Buying Genuine Spare Parts Important For You

It is critical to ensure that you purchase bona fide parts for your vehicle. But spare parts can be very costly, and you may be enticed to purchase substandard parts.

2 Ways In Which You Are Getting Conned While Buying Spare Parts

When your vehicle is to be serviced and repaired, the mechanic will often need to replace some of the spare parts. Usually, they buy these parts themselves and get you a bill which is added to your total bill.

WeeklyTip to Maintain #Bike

Check the Sprockets

Weekly Tip to Maintain #Bike

Use Microfiber cloth to clean your #Bike. The 2 wheeler body surface has to clean regularly.

WeeklyTip to Maintain #Bike

Make sure you have the right clutch adjustments in place #Clutch is used to change the gears on regular intervals during the ride and is very often used.


How often do you wear a #Motorcycle #Helmet?

Weekly Tip to Maintain Bike

Regularly Check Engine Oil Engine oil plays a crucial role in smooth operation and maintenance of your #bike.

Maintain Tire Pressure and Tread

Make sure that the tire air pressures are maintained at the levels which are recommended by your bike manufacturer.


What’s the best high-tech gadget/feature on your #motorcycle? • GPS • Smartphone


#Honda's first prototype #Motorcycle

How To Clean and Maintain your #Motorcycle #Helmet?

  • - Use mild soaps when cleaning the liner, like mild laundry detergent
  • - Use a towel soaked in warm water to soak and loosen bug guts for a few minutes before wiping them away
  • - Use soft, scratch-free microfiber towels to clean your helmet


Things to know before you buy a used #Motorcycle. • Know which brand you really are up to; a Yamaha or Bajaj or Hero /Honda. • Then, you need to know engine capacity whether a 125cc, a 150cc or a 200cc one.

WeeklyTip to Maintain Bike in Good condition

Clean Air filter - The dusty conditions in India could clog up the filter in very less time.


To avoid mechanical issues caused by the relentless rise in temperatures, maintain optimum oil and coolant levels in your motorbike to keep it in shape.

Honda's first Motorcycle, a 1949 Model D (Dream)

#Honda's first #Motorcycle, a 1949 Model D (Dream) After World War II, The first #HondaMotorcycle that featured both a Honda designed motor and frame was produced in 1949. It was called the Model D for Dream.

Spares parts / new bike news

RoyalEnfield Thunderbird 350X and 500X accessories launched.

Buying Motorcycle Spare Parts In Bulk?

It is essential to consider a few points before you shop online for motorcycle spare parts and accessories in bulk. Here are few points to keep in mind before buying motorbike spare parts in bulk.

Effective Ways to Increase Your Motorbike’s Fuel Efficiency

Looking for ways to increase your fuel tank range further? Well, almost every biker wants to save on fuel may it be for economical reason or to get the most out of the vehicle. Here are few tips and tricks to save fuel and increase life of your engine too.

3 things to consider before buying your first motorcycle

There are a plethora of options and popular opinions while buying your first motorcycle. Here are some important points that you need to consider before buying a motorcycle.

Effective Ways To Maintain Your Motorbike In A Healthy Condition

A true biker understands the joy of playing with its toy. However, bike health and condition maintenance is also an integral aspect. Here are some tips that will help maintain your bike in a good condition.

Your Guide To Buying Motorbike's Spares And Accessories

How many times have you bought something and later you realize that it has minor flaws or lacks some important features? Well, we all come across such situations less or more. Could we avoid such situations? Read to know more…

A Guide To Choosing Your First Motorbike

The wide array of motorbikes out there in the market is simply mind boggling. It is often hard to decide what you want and need as they are available in numerous configurations. Here are a few things that you should look for in your first new motorbike.