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Top 5 Effective Tips To Protect Your Motor Bike This Summer

Now, that summer is just around the corner. You’re probably all getting all excited to head back to the road.

Before you dust off every inch of your bike parts, take time to read about the 5 effective tips to provide protection to your precious two-wheeler this summer!

1. Performing maintenance

A lot of riders experience temporary downtime when they use their bike straight away without warming it up for a long-ride task. If you have been keeping your motorcycle in past fall or winter, then it will take some minimal effort to bring it to life.

To avoid having to experience downtime, it’s important that you carefully check if everything’s intact and ready to sue.

2. Check the Fuel System

Of course, it’s extremely important that you check the status of the fuel system of your motorbike. One of the major reasons why this happens is when the rider forgets to add a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline.

The problem occurs when the old fuel turns into something gooey varnish that could possibly clog the small passageways found in the fuel system. This could cause some pre-season mechanic problems to your motorbike.

If you have a Yamaha, for example, make sure that you use a Yamaha fuel stabilizer, too so you can ensure efficacy. By not forgetting this simple tip, you will be able to save yourself from expensive cost for fuel system cleaning.

3. Air Filter

It’s also important that you take time to see if your air filter is on the go and ready to work. If there is debris, you will have to remove them to allow better airflow. Rodents can easily form in the building sets of air boxes.

4. Tyres

The tire pressure could significantly drop over the winter which could greatly affect your manoeuvrability. So, make sure you are not running with very low tire pressure. Don’t forget to put a gauge on those stems before you roll out your two-wheeler out of the garage.

Also, perform a quite tyre tread check just to maximize your safety, if your tires are getting all weary, then it’s time for you to get new rubbers!

5. Brakes

We all understand the importance of always checking your brakes’ function before taking it out. Try to squeeze the front brake lever, then try to press the rear brake pedal to check if you have a firm function of the brakes. This will ensure that you have your safety and it brings you peace of mind.

It’s always a great idea to check everything on your bike before you head and hit the road. Need a tire change? Check out TheSparescompany, it’s a bike spares company where you will be provided with a great array of authentic and genuine spare parts that you can buy.

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