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Things To Do When Your Motorcycle Breaks Down While Riding

Whether you’re an expert or a new rider, breaking down in the middle of the road can happen at anyone and at any given time. If you enjoy performing some long bike-riding on weekends or during your free time, then experiencing some downtime could really be disappointing.

Though the very first thing that’ll come to your mind is the potential cost for the fixation of your two-wheeled vehicle, you should always prioritize your safety. In this article, we’re going to share with you some safety measures that you should do in case of bike downtime emergency.

Safety measures you should do:

Get to the right side of the road

You’re probably already aware that traffic can be an extremely dangerous thing, especially when you are riding on an interstate or on a highway. This is one of the reasons why the law strictly prohibits drivers in the middle of the road.

Vehicles on the traffic could go at an average speed of 65 to 67 speed. So, imagine your motorcycle breaking down in this situation could be very dangerous. If ever you feel like your two-wheeler vehicle is slowing or struggling then you need to immediately get off the road.

Do what you can to take your bike far right of the road. Hold the clutch, so you can keep your bike going. Wave your hand or signal other drivers around you that you are trying to move over. Other drivers that see you struggling will stay far or behind you, they will help you get to the safe side of the road, so don’t fail to signal the drivers that surround you.

Find your nearest exit

Some times, the traffic can become a bit too suffocating for you to get to the right side of the road. If ever it’s impossible for you to move without jeopardizing yourself and other-other drivers, then you will need to find the nearest exit or the one with a road exit sign.

Just keep in mind that some highways and interstates do not have any exits, but for roads that have exit signs, use the outlet to drag yourself into safety. If there are any strip pavement or grassy sides, you can also use it.

Turn signals

In this case, you can definitely make use of turn signals, this is to allow other drivers to know that you are moving to the right side of the road. You can either put your hazard lights or turn signals on. This is to ensure drivers can make way for you.

After getting to the safe side of the road, make sure that you reach out to your family or a friend to help you out.

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