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How to Test & Check The Motorcycle Tyre Tread

Your bike’s pair of wheels is definitely one of the most important equipment. So, don’t take it lightly and make sure that you check them regularly. Paying attention to your bike tyres and make sure that they are always condition can save you a lot of resources in the future.

In this article, we have compiled the best and most reliable ways for you to check your tyre tread.

How to check the tyre with the use of one rupee coin?

Maintaining your tyre’s health can help you ensure that your bike can perform better grip levels and the tyres have the ability to dispense water. Whenever your bike’s tyres are in poor condition, it might have the difficulty to have a tight grip level on wet roads.

This could lead to slipping accidents during rainy and winter seasons. No wonder, road associations advice you to always pay extra attention to the current conditions of your tyres. In fact, there are many measuring meters that are readily available to purchase in the market.

These measuring meter tools are purposely created for you to easily check your bike’s tyres. There’s also a home-method that will help do the same exact thing with the use of a rupee coin.

Checking up your tyre:

Step 1: Make use of a rupee coin to check the overall health of the tyre tread.

Step 2: The next step is to place the coin vertically between the treads, you may have to hold it firmly so that it’ll be straight.

Step 3: If ever the mark “rupee” is completely visible, then it’s time to change your tyre. That just means your treads are in extremely poor condition.

Just do note that if ever your tyre comes with a tread wear markers, then it’s time for the tyre to be replaced.

Tire Maintenance

The air pressure that’s circulating in your wheels should be carefully evaluated and checked once a week. This is to ensure your safety and to make sure that your bike is in good condition to be used.

There might some instances where the tire temperature could increase especially during under inflation. Since, there are under-inflated tires that flex more, which could lead it to overheat especially when the bike is heavily loaded during summer and warmer seasons.

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