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Effective Ways To Maintain Your Motorbike In A Healthy Condition

Effective Ways To Maintain Your Motorbike In A Healthy Condition


A true biker understands the joy of playing with its toy. However, bike health and condition maintenance is also an integral aspect. The proper maintenance of a motorcycle is the key to motorcycle life. Getting your motorbike serviced on a regular basis is one way to maintain your beloved motorcycle in a good and healthy condition. This makes it last longer but as well as reliable for long journeys and daily commute. Here are some tips that will help maintain your bike in a good condition.


1. All types of motorbikes need a comprehensive annual checkup from a specialist. Visiting your trusted mechanic to check the condition of its body, engine and tires will help diagnose and prevent problems in an easier way.
2. Learn about your motorcycle's model. Read the owner's manual. Having knowledge about your machine proves useful in its maintenance.
3. Oil change is one of the most important considerations to keep your motorbike healthy. Though it may vary according to your bike model, it is advised to change the oil every 5,000 or 10,000 km. Usually, it is done every year during the annual check-up of the motorbike. Keep in mind, more oil is consumed during summer whereas during winter it will last a bit longer. Also, change the motorbike filters regularly. Always go for motorbike genuine spare parts to increase the life your vehicle.
4. Maintenance of your motorbike’s brake pads is very essential. Though it depends on how much you drive and where do you live, experts recommendation is to check the brake pads every 10,000 or 15,000 km.
5. Checking the tires is important part of the basic maintenance for motorbikes. Before starting your journey, check the pressure and the grooves of the tires. Check if the tire has any wear and tear, cracks or holes. If the motorcycle tires are worn, try to change them as early as possible. Also, check the tire pressure regularly with a pressure gauge, but only when the tires have cooled down. The tires will read differently if they have heated during the course of a ride.
6. Cleaning the motorbike air filter thoroughly every 10,000 km (6,000) or so is one of the essential aspects, as this filter prevents dirt from getting into the engine of your motorbike.
7. The liquid coolant, which protects the engine of your motorbike, should be changed approximately every 2 years. Also, after replacing the liquid coolant or refilling it, use the radiator hoses to push out excess air.
8. Check the fork oil regularly and make sure to replace it during your annual mechanical check-up.
9. The motorbike chain should be well oiled. Check the chain tension to avoid excessive wear and rough transmission and motorbike gear changes.
10. The shelf life of a motorcycle battery is of two years usually. Replace the battery of your bike, after a review by your mechanic. Also, check the spark plugs every very 6,000 and 12,000 km.
11. Be keen about your motorbike. If you notice any unusual sound, give it a thorough check. Take it to your mechanic if needed.

Always follow the instruction manual to make it last for a long time in good condition.
All above mentioned tips will surely help you maintain your motorbike in a good and healthy condition. The Spares Company is one of the leading names recognized for genuine spare parts backed up with the highest levels of service and support. Click here for more details.

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