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Effective Ways to Increase Your Motorbike’s Fuel Efficiency

Effective Ways to Increase Your Motorbike’s Fuel Efficiency 

Looking for ways to increase your fuel tank range further? Well, almost every biker wants to save on fuel may it be for economical reason or to get the most out of the vehicle. Certainly increasing fuel prices are making all to give electric vehicles a thought. Surely it is a good idea. However, here are few tips and tricks to save fuel and increase life of your engine too. 



  •  Proper bike maintenance is what you must do anyway. Besides maintaining your bike in a healthy condition, it will make your rides safe as well as cut down your monthly fuel bills.
  •  Make sure that motorbike engine is always tuned and serviced on a regular basis by a company authorized garage.
  •  Maintaining appropriate motorcycle tire pressure and drive chain tension is what will make you save on fuel.
  •  A steady speed is the tried and tested way to reduce fuel consumption. Sudden drop or increase in the causes more pressure on the engine leading to more fuel consumption.
  •  Always maintain low emission levels.
  •  Never keep the clutch lever hard-pressed while riding on a bike.
  •  Running the engine in low gear for prolonged time as it leads to more fuel consumption.
  •  Avoid parking your motorbike under direct sunlight as it can cause fuel vaporization.
  •  Never keep brake pedal pressed while on the move.
  •  Turning down the engine on the traffic stops can help you save your fuel tank.
  •  Make sure you allow the air flow to the engine fins as it is essential for air cooling. Maintaining its proper air flow and temperature will help reduce additional fuel usage.
  •  Always keep your motorbike spark plug and air filter clean.
  •  Stick to the engine oil replacement schedule.


Following above mentioned tips and tricks will help you make your motorbike ride safe and economical. It is also advised to go for genuine spare parts and accessories in case you need to replace motorbike spare parts. The Spares Company is one of the leading names in the industry recognized for the genuine motorbike spare parts and accessories. Find all motorcycles genuine spare parts and accessories and get them at your doorstep in an easy and convenient way.


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