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3 Ways Air-filters Can Help in Boosting Your Motorcycle’s Performance

Every rider dreams to ride a motorbike that is always in its best condition. In this article, get to know how air filters can help you achieve that.

Way #1. It promotes better efficiency for your motorbike

Air filters make sure that impurities can’t enter the engine, this helps to ensure that only the pure and clean air can go inside your engine’s system. This promotes better efficiency and smooth power delivery.

Way #2. Improves better breathability in your bike’s system

Your bike’s engine is like a human’s bodily system. With the help of air filters, it’ll only allow the pure air to be sucked into the engine.

Way #3. It holds oil in suspension

The filters help in capturing and holding dust particles which results to naturally holding oil in suspension. It avoids the oil from mixing with the other parts of the bike, which could lead to system combustion.

What are motorcycle air-filters?

You can compare air filters to the white blood cells in our body, it’s the main purpose is to filter all the toxic and unwanted particles in the air before it can enter the system. In motorbikes, your engine is very fragile and important, the air filters make sure that it stays clean.

It makes sure that only pure air can go inside to allow better combustion for smooth and efficient power delivery.

What will happen if my bike has no air-filters?

Without air filters, impurities can go directly to your engine. This could lead to many problems like incomplete combustion. There will also be higher fuel consumption and smoke from the exhaust. If this continues, it can lead to the engine to malfunction.

What are bike air filters made from?

Commonly, bike air filters are made of either single or multiple layers of filtrates which could act as a remover of toxic pollutants before it’ll reach the engine and other important bike parts. You can generally see it on the side of the bike or near the entry point of the engine’s air.

What are the two types of air filters?

Paper type air filter

Stock paper-based filter

What could have been worse than having to stop your bike in the middle of reaching your destination? To avoid that, always make sure you’ve got reliable air filters and genuine spare parts.

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