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Top 5 Effective Tips To Protect Your Motor Bike This Summer

Now, that summer is just around the corner. You’re probably all getting all excited to head back to the road. Before you dust off every inch of your bike parts, take time to read about the 5 effective tips to provide protection to your precious two-wheeler this summer![...]

Top Tips to Effectively Remove Rust From Motorcycles

Are you seeing some visible, disturbing rust from the chrome parts in your motorcycle? Just know that is completely normal. It can be possibly taken care of by practising proper care and by following some simple DIY (Do-It-Your Own) steps. However, if the rust has spread all over, then you might need some professional help to get it fixed.[...]

Things To Do When Your Motorcycle Breaks Down While Riding

Whether you’re an expert or a new rider, breaking down in the middle of the road can happen at anyone and at any given time. If you enjoy performing some long bike-riding on weekends or during your free time[...]

Top 4 Must-Have Modern Features For A Performance Motorcycle

Motorbikes have extremely transformed-- before, riders in India mainly use motorcycles as means for transportation. But at the present times, there are many options for bike parts that are available to enhance your riding performance. [...]

How to Test & Check The Motorcycle Tyre Tread

Your bike’s pair of wheels is definitely one of the most important equipment. So, don’t take it lightly and make sure that you check them regularly. Paying attention to your bike tyres and make sure that they are always condition can save you a lot of resources in the future. [...]

3 Ways Air-filters Can Help in Boosting Your Motorcycle’s Performance

Every rider dreams to ride a motorbike that is always in its best condition. In this article, get to know how air filters can help you achieve that. [...]

Top 3 Tips on How to Make Your Motorcycle Clutch Last Longer

There are some basics that you can practice and follow to ensure the longevity of your motorcycle clutch. In this article, get to know the tips that will allow you to enhance and prolong the life of your clutch.[...]

1817 – The first Bicycle

For all practical intents and purposes, this was the first thing to actually qualify as a #bicycle. Invented by a German Baron named Karl von Drais in 1817.[...]

Hero Cycles Joins Hands With Yamaha, Mitsui For Electric Bicycles

Hero Cycles said it has entered into a strategic alliance with Japan's Yamaha Motor Co Ltd[...]

Lubricate The Chain And Sprocket Regularly

The drive-train that consists of the chain, the belt and the shaft send power from the transmission to the rear wheel. It takes a lot of beating from all sources and needs to be well maintained to ensure smooth riding.[...]

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